About Us

We help you and your association succeed.

“The operating landscape of association is changing rapidly. Without immediate action some associations will find themselves rendered obsolete and replaced by newer, more adaptable competitors. For those organisations that don’t adapt quickly, the coming changes represent an apocalypse they will not be able to navigate. For associations with the will to move forward, grasping new technologies and opportunities, it will be a chance to transform into something more powerful than ever before.” Belinda Moore, Association Apocalypse Whitepaper 2019


What is the association sector?

The association sector is made up of a huge variety of organisations including professional associations, industry bodies, charities, sporting groups, unions, social services, service clubs, and more. Every association is the custodian of a part of our society, whether that be a sport, a profession, an industry, a medical condition, a disadvantaged group, an environmental cause, or something else. 


Why is the association sector important?

The success of each association in executing that responsibility has far reaching consequences for the careers, businesses, families, lives, and communities of the people they serve. This makes a successful association sector a fundamental ingredient of the happy, healthy communities we all aspire to live in.


What’s the challenge for the sector now?

Even before the advent of the pandemic crisis, the association sector was already under a substantial amount of pressure to adapt to a rapidly shifting operational landscape. Now the need to immediately innovate to survive is undisputable. Associations are now juggling the competing priorities of being a beacon of hope and support for their communities, while also ensuring their own sustainability. 


Why do you exist?

We exist to provide pathways to connect associations to the answers they need to achieve this. Through this platform association professionals can access the people, knowledge, and tools they need to successfully navigate these crisis and emerge stronger and more powerful than ever before.


Where to from here?

For this community to help as many associations as possible, we need as many people as possible engaging, sharing, and connecting with others. Join us so we can worth together to navigate these challenging times and make a powerfully positive impact on our communities.